Frequently asked question

New to Känguru Logistik?
Wir haben eine Liste mit Fragen & Antworten erstellt, die uns häufig gefragt werden.

Um Ihnen ein Angebot zu erstellen, benötigen wir eine Reihe an Informationen:

  • Beladeadresse
  • Entladeadresse
  • Stockwerke
  • Halteverbotszonen
  • Laufwege
  • Auflistung aller zu transportierenden Güter (Good list)
  • Zusatzleistungen
  • Zusatzmaterialien

Of course we offer surveys. You can book one as video chat or on site. Surveys are non-binding and completely free of charge.

Simply contact us via phone, email, WhatsApp or make use of our call-back service.

- Packing solution
- Assembly solution
- Renting a moving lift
- Provision of packing materials
- Decluttering / Disposal
- House and office clearance
- Temporary & long-term storage solution
- Booking and mounting No Stopping signs

We will deliver you packing materials to your address to a desired date. If you have rented our packing materials we will collect them after your moving. You only pay what you actually used.

The signs will be mounted 72 hours prior to their validity if you booked that option.

Yes. We offer movings throughout Europe. If you need to move outside of the EU-zone don't worry. Simply contact us and we will find a solution.

Our "Kängurus" can! We professionally disassemble and reassemble your furniture wherever you need it.

Our capacity differs from seasons to season. As far as there is now information stated on our website you may book your moving with us.

Any household is welcome!
Small households will be treated carefully and professionally just like any bigger household.

Of course we carry out moves for seniors!
We will pack and label every box for you so that you don't have to worry about your belongings during the moving.
Empathy is included with every "Känguru".

House & office clearances, declutterings are no problem at all.
Beside that we also dispose all unnecessary clutter for you.

Please send us an e-mail with photos and a detailed description of what happened.

Usually we require 2-3 weeks to coordinate our "Kängurus".
Nevertheless we offer last-minute movings too
Please don't hesitate asking - it doesn't hurt to ask at all.